What’s new with pharmacy certification programs

What’s new with pharmacy certification programs

August 23, 2021 Comments Off on What’s new with pharmacy certification programs By admin

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating a pharmacist certifying program that allows pharmacists to get a certificate of pharmacy school completion, the latest in a series of moves to crack down on fraudulent practices.

The FTC is reviewing an online pharmacy certification program called Pharmacy College.

The DEA says it is investigating whether the program is a fraud and has started enforcing a ban on its use.

The program has been used in several states, including Virginia, where a state official said there were more than 2,000 drugstores in Virginia that received certificates.

The state has not issued a final regulation.

The Virginia Department of Health and Human Services has said it is reviewing the program to determine if it meets the requirements.

The FDA says it has been working with the DEA and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to determine whether the Pharmacy Course will fall within its jurisdiction.

It also is reviewing whether to investigate if a pharmacy school program violates the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the agency said in a statement.FTC spokeswoman Julie Gartner said the agency was reviewing the FTC’s letter.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is also investigating whether Pharmacy Degree programs are a fraud.

The agency said it has started an investigation and has asked the program’s owner to respond.

The agency has not yet issued a regulatory order, but it is conducting an internal review of the program.

The Pharmaceutical Education and Certification Council said in an email that it is committed to “upholding the integrity of our training programs” and that it will review the letter to determine what action is needed.

The group says the DEA has “failed to demonstrate that the program meets the criteria for a regulatory sanction.”