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How to find a pharmacist job in Milwaukee

July 30, 2021 Comments Off on How to find a pharmacist job in Milwaukee By admin

Milwaukee (AP) A pharmacist in the Milwaukee area is going the extra mile to make sure employees get paid for their work, and that the jobs pay as well.

Robert Courtney is working as a pharmacy assistant at his own store and hopes his experience will inspire other people to pursue careers in the field.

Courtney says he works with a pharma company called Pharmacy Assistants, and the company provides services for pharmacies nationwide.

Courtneys main goal is to make his pharmacist experience more meaningful.

CourtNEY says he is always looking for ways to improve the quality of work for the employees.

He has already had several employees who are taking the extra step of giving back to the community and getting involved in community projects like food pantries, and his goal is not only to improve their health, but their lives.

He says he doesn’t want the employees to feel like they are “a second-class citizen,” but to help other people who have to work in a dangerous environment.

“I have a lot of compassion for them, and I really do,” he said.

“They are working so hard and I just want to make their lives better.”

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A ‘beautiful girl’ in an old-fashioned world

July 15, 2021 Comments Off on A ‘beautiful girl’ in an old-fashioned world By admin

A young woman who has spent the past few weeks trying to save her own life in the Philippines has turned her love for beauty into a mission to save other young girls.

“My mission to help young girls is to save their lives.

This is a beautiful girl who is really happy with herself,” said Ms. Courtney, who is studying for a medical degree at a university in Manila.

The 26-year-old, who has been living in the Philippine city of Davao, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer in March, a case that doctors have said was caused by a virus.

Ms. Caseney said she had never felt such joy when she thought about dying.

“I’m not scared of dying,” she said.

“We can get a new life and a new start.”

But the young woman has also seen a change in her surroundings.

She said she was able to visit relatives in the United States and Canada to try and convince them to get their children vaccinated.

“It was a dream come true for me to visit people and talk to them,” she recalled.

“The doctor told me I had the perfect disease, and I was going to die.”

But Ms. Carter, who works in a cosmetics and personal care business, said she has seen a drastic change in the way people treat the disease.

“Now I can feel people being really supportive,” she laughed.

“And the positive attitudes towards me.”

She added that she was grateful to her friends and family who helped her and her sister, who lives in the U.S., get the vaccines.

Ms Carter said she hopes the change will eventually make people realize that the vaccine does not cause a vaccine-preventable disease.

The vaccine, which is designed to fight the coronavirus, is being used in a small number of people who are already receiving it.

“As long as people are vaccinated, it will be fine,” she added.

“But as long as the vaccine doesn’t cause any side effects, then I can’t stop.

I just have to continue fighting for the vaccine.”

Ms. Chan, who was diagnosed in April with acute myeloid leukemia, said that even after she had been in remission for a few months, her disease worsened.

“When I got my first dose of chemo, I was so happy to see that it made a difference,” she told the Philippine Star.

“In the end, I went into remission, but I have a very bad prognosis.

I think that if we had known about the vaccine when I was younger, we would have been much better off.”

But while the vaccine is working, Ms. Chatila, 29, said the cost of her treatment has been too high for her to take any chances.

“There is not enough money for chemo and chemotherapy,” she admitted.

“So I am not even able to pay my bills.”

With reports from Jennifer Chua and The Associated Press.