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When the pharmacist job hunt is over: What you need to know about the US job market

August 22, 2021 Comments Off on When the pharmacist job hunt is over: What you need to know about the US job market By admin

Posted March 06, 2018 05:05:46In recent months, there have been more pharmacist vacancies than in the entire US labour market, with a total of 876 positions available.

This is in addition to the 1,087 vacancies that are currently open in the health and safety professions.

In the meantime, the pharmacy sector is facing an onslaught of job losses.

According to a report by Avalere, the number of pharmacist positions in the US was 8.5 million in January 2017, which was an increase of 7.5 per cent from the previous year.

The number of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry has fallen from 9.6 million in 2013 to 7.4 million in 2019.

The US healthcare sector is still recovering from the massive cuts made by President Trump in 2017.

The country experienced an 18 per cent fall in healthcare spending and an 8 per cent rise in healthcare inflation.

According to Avalere’s latest report, there are currently around 12,000 vacancies for pharmacist roles.

The job shortage in the healthcare sector could be further exacerbated by the rise of specialty healthcare companies, which are expected to provide an additional 3,500 positions to fill.

According the report, the US healthcare system is expected to see an increase in healthcare vacancies of 7 per cent in 2019, which would be the biggest rise since 2010.

As part of the US medical workforce, the average age of the primary care nurse is 25 years old.

In 2019, this figure is expected increase to 29.1 years, while in 2020, it is expected rise to 33.4.

In 2021, the age of primary care nurses is expected decrease to 29 years.

According a 2017 study, an estimated 2.1 million people in the United States will become eligible for Medicare benefits in 2021, which is a 25 per cent increase from 2017.

This means that more than 8 million people will be eligible to receive Medicare benefits.

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