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How to be a pharmacist: The truth behind the salaries

June 22, 2021 Comments Off on How to be a pharmacist: The truth behind the salaries By admin

Pharmacists earn between $62,000 and $82,000 a year, with a median salary of $68,000, according to a study by the Wall Street Business Journal.

Many workers also earn money through part-time or casual work.

But a pharmacy can earn millions if you work in the right kind of place.

Here are a few of the common types of jobs and the salaries they can earn: • Drugstores: Pharmacists are often the first line of defense for patients when they go to a doctor’s office.

The drugstore industry employs more than 16 million people and has more than $600 billion in sales each year.

Pharmacists work in a variety of settings, from the front desk to pharmacy cash registers, and can often earn as much as $90,000 annually.

Many are paid as little as $9 an hour, or $7.50 per hour in some states.

The average pharmacy is also required to have a doctor in the building.

• Health care providers: Pharmacy employees are often primary care doctors, nurses, or pharmacists, according the Wall St. Journal.

The profession can earn up to $60,000 per year.

The salaries of health care professionals are higher in the Northeast and Midwest, but there is a growing push for pharmacists to take on more of a management role.

• Home health aides: Home health workers, known as nannies, can make as much $15 an hour in the U.S. and $25 in Canada.

They work part time, but most can make up to twice that.

The job is typically part-timed, meaning workers often don’t have enough hours to complete their tasks.

They can earn $9.30 per hour, and the average home health aide earns $15.50 an hour.

The national median home health care aide salary is $23.50.

• Hospital employees: The job of a hospital nurse is mostly for home health aides, according Healthways.

The National Association of Nurse Executives says the job pays $10 per hour and is usually part- time.

The median wage for a nurse is $19.75 per hour.

• Child care workers: Child care is often considered the most rewarding part of a family.

Child care aides make up about 9 percent of the workforce.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual earnings for a child care aide is $14,200, which is roughly $5,200 higher than the national median income for the same position.

• Emergency medical technicians: Emergency medical care is a relatively new field, and some experts say that it is a booming industry.

But the pay and benefits can be challenging.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that an EMT working 20 hours a week will earn between half and $20,000 each year, or more than half of what an average doctor earns.

Some experts say EMTs are paid less because they don’t work 24/7 and are often required to wear protective equipment.

Some states allow workers to take sick days, but others require EMT workers to work on call.• Sales and service positions: A salesperson, for example, can earn as little $15 per hour as a bank teller or bartender.

The typical salesperson salary is around $16 an hour and workers can earn between seven and 16 times that, according an industry-sponsored study by CareerBuilder.

The industry’s average salary is about $26,000.

• Lab technicians: Lab technicians, like pharmacists in the pharmacy, are typically the first lines of defense when a patient needs help.

The career of a lab technician can range from $8 to $13 an hour according to CareerBuilder, but the average is between $13.50 and $18 an hour depending on the type of lab.

• Salespersons: Salespersants make up roughly 5 percent of retail sales, according CareerBuilder; but the industry is growing.

Some companies like Walgreens pay up to 15 percent of their salesperson salaries to bonuses, according CNBC.

A typical salesponist earns between $21,000 to $30,000 in a year.

• Healthcare salespeople: Healthcare salespersons are typically employees who have a passion for helping people, and are paid a starting salary of between $24,000 for a full-time position and up to an average of $32,000 an hour after a training program.

The pay is much higher for salespersants who work in larger organizations or in retail.

According the American Medical Association, salespeople earn an average $43,500 in compensation each year with an average annual benefit of $16,400.

The salary is often the highest in the industry and is largely tied to experience and skills.

• Nursing assistants: Nurses, like most other professionals, earn between an average starting salary and $32 an hour on average according to the National Association

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