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A pharmacist’s biggest fear is losing his job

July 7, 2021 Comments Off on A pharmacist’s biggest fear is losing his job By admin

An employee of a small Indiana pharmacy wants to tell her boss she’s not a pharmacist, but the employer won’t budge.

Kathleen Ehrlich, the owner of The Pharmacy of the East in Henderson, said she’s worried about losing her job if the company moves.

The owner said her pharmacy was on the verge of closing last summer and that she was under pressure from the company.

Ehrlich said her boss told her she had a “very small pharmacist department” and asked if she wanted to help with the transition.

Ederlich said she wanted her boss to know she had an “instrumental role” in helping out.

But the pharmacist says she’s been told to go home and she’s frustrated because she doesn’t have the time to do that.

“I can’t really go on like that,” Ederlich told FoxNews.com.

The pharmacy owner has not been paid since August, but said she was told her employer will not take the position back if she doesn.

Eberhart said she will appeal.

She said she has had phone calls from the owners of the pharmacy and is willing to negotiate.

The union representing pharmacists said the union will take a position on the pharmacy’s closing.

Pharmacist job openings have been posted at the Pharmacy on Henderson Facebook page.

It’s unclear if any of the jobs posted were filled.

The pharmacy is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with hours and locations to be determined by the owners.

Ebershed is a registered nurse.

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