How you can find the perfect pharmacist job in Dallas, Dallas, and New Jersey

How you can find the perfect pharmacist job in Dallas, Dallas, and New Jersey

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Dallas, TX, (AFP) – With a population of roughly 10 million, the United States has the second-highest number of licensed pharmacist positions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

But, according the National Association of Professional Boards of Pharmacy, more than half of the US’s registered pharmacists have fewer than five years of experience.

The number of pharmacists employed in the US has fallen by a whopping 57 per cent since 2006, from 5.5 million to 4.8 million.

That includes a sharp drop in the number of pharmacist training schools, which dropped from 8,957 to 6,072 in just five years, the BLS said in its annual Pharmacist Job Survey, published on Thursday.

The BLS says it will soon release data on how many pharmacists are trained, and whether they have graduated from the industry.

The numbers, published by the BSS, also show that pharmacists who are licensed are more likely to work in rural areas.

In the states of Texas, New Jersey and Virginia, only a quarter of pharmacist jobs are in metropolitan areas.

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) says the shortage of pharmacologists is a big reason why the healthcare industry is struggling, as hospitals struggle to recruit and train new pharmacists.

According to BEA, the total number of nurses in the U.S. has declined from 13.6 million in 2007 to 12.3 million in 2016.

“The pharmacist shortage has a significant impact on our hospitals, with the number per 1,000 hospital beds dropping from 4.7 in 2007 (the year before the financial crisis) to 3.4 in 2016,” said BEA’s Richard C. DeHaan, the director of the Bureau for Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook.

“For most of the population, the pharmacist shortages are not that big.”

While the BSL says the number-one reason for the shortage is the slow growth of pharmacy schools, it said that a number of factors have contributed to the shortfall.

In addition, many states have eliminated residency requirements, making it harder for pharmacists to find a place to work.

“As a result, pharmacists will have to go out of state to find employment,” said Barry Reardon, an analyst at the nonprofit research organization, The Conference Board.

Reardon said the shortage could be solved if the US government started paying pharmacists more for their services, and if it increased incentives for pharmacist training programs.

“A better deal for patients would be to allow more pharmacists in the United the right to be trained,” he said.