How to make your salary more than $2,500 a year at Walmart

How to make your salary more than $2,500 a year at Walmart

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Walmart is the first retail giant to give its workers a raise.

That includes salaries for more than 2,500 of its managers.

The announcement is a big deal for the retailer, which has been struggling to compete in the retail world and is now poised to make a major turnaround as the U.S. economy slows.

Walmart said it would add more than 1,400 new positions this year, with about half of them at the store level.

The company says it expects to hire 2,800 full-time workers by the end of the year.

The pay increases come as Walmart’s stock price has dropped about 15% over the past year.

Walmart’s CEO, Jeff Bewkes, said he’s committed to spending more money on employee training and benefits, and to boosting the company’s share price.

Walmart has struggled to make headway in the past, but its stock price recently climbed to its highest level in more than two years.

Walmart Chief Executive Jeff Bews told the Wall Street Journal last month that the company will spend $2 billion this year on employee incentives and other initiatives to help workers get ahead.

The changes announced Wednesday come after years of layoffs and the company is still looking to cut costs.

Walmart employs about 3.5 million people and sells about $11 billion in merchandise per year.

It is currently working to sell its most profitable business, the drugstore business, which it bought in 2005.

Walmart shares were up about 3% on Wednesday.

Walmart announced the wage increases Wednesday.

The new jobs will be in its supply chain, where stores work with suppliers to provide goods and services.

Walmart will spend about $700 million to hire more workers this year.

At Walmart, managers earn $1.85 an hour and hourly and salaried workers will earn $2.50.

Walmart is still paying its executives $7.25 an hour.

The news comes as Wal-Mart’s shares fell about 6% over Tuesday morning.

The stock has lost about 15 percent over the last year.

Bewkins said Walmart will continue to focus on growing the company, not shrinking it.

He added that the retail giant will spend more on employee benefits, training and retention.

The retailer said it expects its stock to rise in coming years, with the next wave of workers coming online.

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